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Star Wreck Roleplaying game - go on your own interstellar adventure.

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The Star Wreck Roleplaying Game is the first ever RPG made from a Finnish movie. It was released at Ropecon 2006 and now most of the copies have been sold. However, we do not want it to disappear into the void after all the books are gone so that's why we're setting the game free.

Click Download the RPG for free, or order the game on paper while you still can. Then get out there and go where monkeys dare to tread!

Get ready to:

  • create all sorts of characters from foolhardy P-fleet captains to obnoxious specialist know-it-alls...
  • learn more than you ever wanted to know about Vulgars, Plingons, the Korg and more - including twocompletely new alien cultures.
  • gain detailed, never-before-revealed information about the Star Wreck universe, including a comprehensive history of the future.
  • screw up everything for maximal comic effect - all within the scope of the rules.


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