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Star Wreck Roleplaying Game

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This Star Wreck Roleplaying Game is released under a CC Attribute-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. That means you're free to download, copy, modify and distribute the came as long as it is not for commercial purposes and your work is under the same license. Have fun.


Printer friendly version

Download PDFOptimized for printing this pdf has all the rules, future history and useless trivia you want. Only thing missing are the pretty pictures from the paper version.


Character sheets

Download PDFCharacter sheets to print out for the players.

Ship sheets

Download PDFStarship sheet to print out for the players.

Get the game in it's corporeal book form!

Get the roleplaying game on paper for 14.90e! In addition to the unbeatable user interface offered by this "book" format, there are a lot of pretty pictures.

We only have couple of books left. When they are gone that's it. No more trees shall die because of this game. Instead it will forever haunt the internet as a ghost, a digital shadow of it's corporal form.

Order the game as a book



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